From the recording Albino Peacock

6. Snitterfield (Trevor Lines)

Written by Trevor on Coventry railway station, and inspired (like Lucy Hampton) by the names you can find on Warwickshire signposts. A waltz in 5 and 3 turns into a song about a half-remembered, half-imagined day a lifetime ago.

Lead vocals by Michelle, backing vocals by Katie, Ruth and Liam.


Trainride to the country,
Filtered light slips through the trees.
Leaves and ghosts,
Leaves and ghosts

Bonfire smoulder, ember glowing,
Mud, the pale sun lit their knees.
Stick and fire,
Sticks and leaves and ghosts

Basket, bread and pastry,
Reading poems, picking sloes.
For a while,
For a while

Dappled memory, fading evening,
Train and twilight bring a close.
Only ghosts,
Only leaves and ghosts