From the recording Albino Peacock

3. Lucy Hampton’s Wedding (Trevor Lines)

a) Lucy Hampton’s Wedding Waltz
b) Lucy Hampton’s Wedding March
c) Lucy Hampton’s Wedding Day

A suite of pieces starting with a waltz/mazurka, followed by a procession, ending in a song with Michelle on lead vocals and backing vocals from Katie and Liam.


It’s Lucy’s wedding day
First Saturday in May
Smiling faces, friends she knows.
Marquee lawn where chamomile grows

Three bridesmaids in a row
They make the finest show
Dear Lucy is their queen
Prettier than she’s ever been

Old uncles dancing slow
With their wives like long ago
Share that moment in their life
So proud to be a wife

One day it will be her turn
Bathed in fizz and gentle sunburn
Past and future all in one
Lucy’s wedding in the sun