The whole ensemble's character and fierce impact is startling, a boldly raucous, at times gloriously chaotic wig out that perhaps against the odds pulls itself fast together to form something quite staggeringly special as it fairly bombards you into submission (tho' nicely of course!) 

David Kidman - Fatea Magazine


"Frenzied and demanding at times in its restless dynamism and interwoven elements of deliberate discordance, the music is plentifully melodic and richly rhythmic with passages of arresting atmosphere... 

Overall, it is a pleasing potpourri that should continue to fascinate over time, both in its pyrotechnic displays and glowing embers." 

Kevin T. Ward - Shire Folk 


"...folk may be too simple a description for what Bonfire Radicals espouse. As likely to swing wildly from something bang on dyed in the wool folk to a song which defies description... they aren't afraid of veering off into the unknown and the slightly unexpected and outlandish... 

A big clap on the back." 

Mike Ainscoe - Sonic Bandwagon 


"The Albino Peacock from Bonfire Radicals is probably unlike anything you’ve heard before ... imagine folk interwoven with rock, medieval engaging avant garde, invention hand-in-hand with imagination, experimentation allied to expression. Before you listen, prepare yourself to encounter free-ranging clarinet, recorder and violin soaring with joyous abandon over a pulsating rhythm mix of guitar, bass and drums. This is tradition woven into an uninhibited gathering of inspired originality." 

Tim Carroll - FolkWords


"The Albino Peacock manages to be many things: it goes from baffling textures to unaccompanied singing, from a celebration of naivety to a sorrow for what’s gone. While still unpolished, Bonfire Radicals have given us many ideas of where they could go. Whichever they choose, it won’t be the one we expect." 

Dan Simpson - Bright Young Folk 


"On the evidence of this spanking album, Bonfire Radicals are quite a discovery - get this album, go grab the background notes, then grab the chance to go see them live." 

David Kidman - Fatea Magazine